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Building the Kiln

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Here is a shot of the kiln interior right after the frame was removed. You can still the center line string in this picture, as well as a jumble of bricks.

That's me looking out.

And this is some of the frame being burned. Why didn't I just burn it out? Good question - it was a [badword] getting that frame out. But I didn't want to have a kiln full of iron nails which is what I would have had if I burned it out.

Summer turned to fall and the world began to cool off. It started frosting periodically and the kiln was at best, leather-hard so to speak. When clay freezes and thaws, it gets weak and generates a slippery surface. I decided I needed to dry out the kiln so I started a fire in it. Here you see smoke exiting the sutema. The channel behind the sutema is where the endou will be. The kiln has surprisingly good draft even without the chimney attached yet.

This gives a sense of the area. You can see the piers for shed poles running down the center of the picture. On the right, you can barely see another set of piers, and there is of course, a set to the left side of the kiln as well.


All of a sudden, here are poles, and in fact, the main roof is up at this point as well. As it got colder, Shiori became reluctant to be my photographer. I'm a little sad that I don't have pictures of the shed roof construction, but I forgot to bring the camera with me practically every time I went to work at the kiln site.

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