Modified Lehman 12-D
EPK 36.8
Nephaline Syenite 24.5
OM4 Ball Clay 14.3
Silica 19.1
Bentonite 5.1
Redart 2.5
Total 102.3
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I tried this clay in my second firing. It developed nice pastel colors but I think it suffered from being overfired. For example, looking at the rim in the pictures below, you might think this was a groggy body. Truth is, it was buttery as porcelain and delightful to touch. I think the rough surface developed as the clay body itself started fluxing out. It would be interesting to see this from a more controlled firing.

The only modification I made was reducing the amount of "Redart" clay in the recipie. I've been trying to get a red flashing body, as opposed to brown, by keeping iron low. I basically just took a wild guess at the Redart reduction. After I made this mod, I put together a spreadsheet to estimate the chemical analysis of a clay by it's ingredients. I used shockingly more Redart when I saw the actual numbers.

Still, as you can see from the backside picture, I did develop some brown. My more recent thinking is that protection from glaze may be the key. My next experiments will be in concocting clays that tend to resist an ash glaze buildup. From there, perhaps I can find my way to a Furutani Red.




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