Modified OM-2
EPK 26.4
Custar Feldspar 23.9
Saggar XX 20.1
OM4 Ball Clay 12.6
Nephaline Syenite 12.6
Bentonite 3.7
Silica 0.7
Red Iron Oxide 0.9
Total 100.9
I had an embarrassing rounding error in my spreadsheet at this time so the number doesn't add precisely to 100. But setting aside that math error, I must say that this clay body is one I haven't really decided on - do I like it or not?

I do like the olive/tan glaze on the front and I'm also attracted to the purple claybody on the back where ash did not build up. Note the colors in the pictures below do not do it justice - it really is the deepest purple. Despite those positives, The sides are a disgusting shade of brown. Aside from firing in a saggar however, I don't know how get that effect more widespread. Of course, if I'm firing in a saggar - why bother with the Anagama at all?

The glaze that forms seems dense and solid - smooth and pleasant to touch. The bare clay body is also very dense and smooth - maybe like yi xing tea pot bodies.

This clay is a dream to work with. It has the buttery feel of porcelain. In the leather hard stage, it carves wonderfully - like cutting soap (not crumbly kinds), the cuts are so smooth.

Also note, I used this clay in the second firing which I believe was quite overfired.

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