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Firing the Kiln

Third Firing, Page 2
Oct. 11, 2003 (11:00 pm) - Oct. 17, 2003 (7:00 am)

Ed and Andrea stoked while I slept. Andrea is cold - as always.

That's me, peeking into the kiln.

Some color at dawn. Cone 10 tip bending at 9:00 am, Oct. 15. Temperature readings: 49.2 mV front; 46.0 mV back.

By 11:00 am, cones 10 and 11 were hard over (49.0 front, 45.9 back).

Mt. Baker. I hear the kiln god vacations in this active volcano during down time at the kiln.

Interestingly, after the ground had completely dried to both sides of the kiln, and after we had been in the 47 - 49 mV range for a while, steam started coming out from the ground. We must have hit a deep water pocket. Here you can't see the steam, but you can see the dark moist earth it created to the left side of the kiln.

Aiming for the steam mentioned above, but all I got was a nice shot of the chimney guards. Mine is on the right side of the picture, Andrea's and Ed's on the left.

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