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Firing the Kiln

Third Firing, Page 4
Oct. 11, 2003 (11:00 pm) - Oct. 17, 2003 (7:00 am)

Just before closing the door, I stack some mill end blocks in the firemouth to help block a bit of the air leakage around the door. These are pushed into the kiln at the next stoke and simply replaced with new blocks when finishing a stoke.

Andrea stirs ...

Stokes ...

And within moments of closing the door, dancing flames rise from the chimney.

Notice the slug. This guy climbed up from the floor and dissapeared out into the wood area. Slugs are in fact, surprisingly fast - I think they just stop moving when people look at them.

This reminds me of the only 'tween stoke dream/vision that I am able to remember from the first firing. I drempt that I moved a log and found a nest of slugs underneath writhing around like a ball of snakes. I was about to drop a piece of wood on them when someone yelled at me to stop, and then explained how great slugs are for the environment. I immediately gained a deep appreciation for slugs in my dream, and interestingly, it has carried over into real life. I rescue slugs in danger now.

Firing is done. Tired, grimy, hungry.

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