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Anagama Related Sites:

  • Dick Lehman: D.L. was extremely helpful and generous to this project. At his (very well crafted) website, you can find out about his pottery and read many of his numerous publications.

  • Kanzaki Shiho's site contains a great deal of information, as well as links to many other anagama references.

  • Robert Yellin's Articles about Furutani Michio are a "must read". R.Y. runs e-yakimono and offers an online encyclopedia of Japanese pottery (as well as the opportunity to own examples). We consulted R.Y.'s site frequently for background information relevent to the translation.

  • Furutani Michio: Anagama: Building Kilns and Firing (in Japanese), published by Rikogakusha (Rikogakusha's pottery books).

  • Arthur Rosser has built an impressive collection of woodfire links, and more importantly, an ingenious Anagama.

Misc Sites:

  • Pacific Northwest historical weather data. This is an amazing tool with powerful plotting and graphing functions which allow customized data sets.

Link Exchange:

  • Seiz Art Pottery. Hand-thrown Art Pottery produced in the Arts & Crafts and Prairie School style of the Teco Art Pottery.


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