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November 16, 2006

More Pictures from the 7th Firing

Filed under: anagama, 7th,Firing,Pieces — odin @ 2:59 pm

I’ve been playing around with some gallery software, called plainly enough: gallery. It’s pretty fun but it will take me a while to understand it enough to get it better integrated into my website. Regardless, I’ve uploaded a much expanded photogallery from the last firing.

It does have some quirks. For example, it seems that the comments for each photo are hidden unless you click the little up arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen when looking at the large size photo. Everything else seems fairly self-explanatory with forward and back buttons below the pictures which do as one would expect.

Last thing, I still need to photograph the twice fired piece I mentioned in a comment to the previous 7th firing post. I still plan on doing that … but not today. That will have to wait till after I clean up after yesterday’s windstorm — 82 mph (132 kph) gusts. Sustained winds were 30-40 mph (48 – 72 kph) all day long. It was wild!

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