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September 10, 2006

Don’t Hire Me as a Carpenter

Filed under: Kiln,shed — odin @ 11:50 pm

The kiln shed has been a work in progress for four years now. At first it was just a roof on poles wrapped in blue tarps to keep out the wind and rain during firings. I had so many tarps that I semi-seriously considered building a smurfy blue yurt. The last few pictures on the 9th building page show the galley’s original incarnation (but not the tarps).

At four years in and not done yet, it’s plain I’m the slowest construction worker on the planet! Still, I really love how it is coming together and I feel I’m nearing the home stretch on the galley area (FN1). Here are some pictures of my (glacial) progress on the kiln shack:

From the outside with my “Re Store” window (it swings open on hinges — $16 for the window, $2.50 for the hinges):

Outside of the anagama kiln shed enlarge

Vantage point from atop the kiln. To the left is a kitty ladder — out of sight behind the kitty ladder are the steps entering the galley area. The steps into the work pit are to the right side of this picture, but not visible:

Inside the kiln shack enlarge

FN1: I call the middle level the “galley” because Furutani likened anagama kilns to an overturned boat hull. The lowest level is for working the ship, the middle level for cooking and relaxing. Here is a sideview of the pit, roughly to scale:

Sideview diagram of the kiln pit in front of the anagama enlarge

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